Professional Staff of the Court

Office of the Clerk of the Court

Kim Krzycki, Clerk of the Court, Phone: 402-471-6466

Rachel Wulf Schmidt, Deputy Clerk of the Court, Phone: 402-471-6540

Dawn Jones, Judicial Assistant for Judges Hoffert and Stine, Phone: 402-471-3923

Heather Rutherford, Judicial Assistant for Judges Martin and Block, Phone: 402-471-6552

Beckie Stangl, Judicial Assistant for Judges Coe and Fridrich, Phone: 402-595-3900

Office of the Administrator

Jill Gradwohl Schroeder, Court Administrator, Phone: 402-471-3602

Business and Human Resources Section

Deborah Bandiola, Business and Human Resources Manager, Phone: 402-471-6463

Legal Section

Lorra O'Banion, General Counsel, Phone: 402-471-9745

Craig Wagner, Senior Staff Attorney, Phone: 402-471-6551

Laura Plicanic, Attorney, Phone: 402-471-2499

Brian Dales, Attorney, Phone: 402-471-6056

Regulatory Programs Section

Allen Kassebaum, Regulatory Programs Manager, Phone: 402-471-2953

Erica Ziemann, Workers’ Compensation Auditor, Phone: 402-471-6458

Vocational Rehabilitation Section

Craig Wagner, Vocational Rehabilitation Manager, Phone: 402-471-6551

Rob C. Tillwick, Vocational Rehabilitation Specialist, Phone: 402-471-3605

Public Information Section

James Lillis, Public Information Officer, Phone: 402-471-6455

Information Technology Section

Aaron Anderson, Information Technology Manager, Phone: 402-471-2976

Bruce Cramer, Infrastructure Support Analyst, Phone: 402-310-5626