Access to Website Applications, Forms, and File Downloads

Website Applications (Apps) and Web Services

Unable to access our web applications (apps) and web services? 

Please contact us to provide your Internet Protocol (IP address) so we can provide assistance.

Website Forms

Access to Google products such as Google Drive and Google Forms is necessary to complete and submit forms on this website. It is also helpful to access our website and web applications using a Google Chrome web browser.

Website File Downloads

This website contains files in a variety of file formats that are embedded in web pages. To download such files for offline viewing, printing, form field completion and / or submission, select the “pop-out” icon in the top right corner of the embedded files. Please note that if your web browser’s “zoom” setting is greater than 100 percent, the download icon may not display correctly. If so, you may need to adjust your web browser’s “zoom” setting.  Also, please note that if the “pop-out” icon does not display, you may clear your browser history to display the icon.

To download a file, open it as described above and then select the down-pointing arrow in the top right corner of the viewing screen. The file will download to a default location on your computer (e.g., your “Downloads” folder). The file may then be opened from that location your computer for viewing, printing, electronic form field completion and / or submission. 

When viewing downloaded PDFs offline, viewers will note that the larger PDF files (e.g., Rule Book, Annual Reports, Statistical Reports, Bureau of Labor Statistics Reports, Appellate Case Summaries, etc.) generally have bookmarked shortcut links embedded in the files to easily navigate their contents. 

Access to Google products is needed to view and download Google word processing files (Docs) and spreadsheets (Sheets).