Appellate Court Decisions on Workers’ Compensation Cases

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The following case summaries of appellate court opinions are provided for general reference and informational purposes only. They are not to be used or construed as legal advice by the Nebraska Workers Compensation Court, nor should they be taken to suggest how issues would ultimately be decided if presented to one of the judges of the court during litigation in other cases. Full appellate court opinions may be found on the Nebraska Supreme Court website: 

Index of Supreme Court Decisions: 1. Dutcher V. Nebraska Dept. Of Corr. Servs. 312 Neb. 405, 979 N.W.2d 245 (2022), 2. Espinoza v. Job Source USA, Inc., 313 Neb. 559, 984 N.W.2d 918 (2023).

Index of Supreme Court Decisions: 1. Lewis v. MBC Constr. Co., Inc., 2. Spratt v. Crete Carrier Corporation.

Index of Court of Appeals Decisions: 1. Cajiao v. Arga Transp., Inc., 2. Simpson v. Lincoln Pub. Schs.