Courtroom Technology

Video Proceedings

The court uses the Google Meet platform for video trials and hearings. NEB. REV. STAT. § 48-177 governs video proceedings. If parties do not agree on a video proceeding, a motion should be filed following general motion procedures. For questions regarding filing a motion, contact the trial judge’s judicial assistant.  

Preparation prior to a video proceeding

Tips for video proceedings

General information about our audio-visual equipment

The courtrooms in our Lincoln office are equipped with various audio-visual equipment and available for use during any proceeding. It is the responsibility of the party to verify that their device (e.g., laptop, tablet, cell phone, etc.) can output video and / or audio through HDMI or VGA / RCA in our courtrooms. The court encourages parties to come to the court at least 24 hours in advance of the trial/hearing to verify their equipment will output from the sources necessary for the trial / hearing. Please see the section below on scheduling testing.

Computers and wireless Internet connection. The court does NOT have a computer that is available to the parties in the courtrooms. Parties must bring their own computer if needed to display media for a trial / hearing.

Note: Using a USB source to display media, the party must bring their own computer. Our audio-visual equipment (described below) does not have the means to connect to a USB source.

The court has wireless internet available to the public. There are instructions to connect to the wireless internet on the party tables in each courtroom. If you have issues connecting to the wireless internet, ask for assistance at the front counter.

ELMO P10 document camera

Basic Information:

HDMI or VGA/RCA connections

All attorney tables in each courtroom have HDMI and VGA/RCA cable connections. They are also equipped with power sources.

Possible devices to connect to HDMI or VGA:

Devices that do not have HDMI or VGA connections. If your device does not have an HDMI or VGA connection, it is the responsibility of the party to bring the appropriate adapter for an HDMI or VGA port (e.g., HP DisplayPort, or any tablet). The court will NOT provide adapters to connect to an HDMI or VGA cable.

Reminder: It is the responsibility of the party to verify that their device (e.g., laptop, tablet, etc.) can output video and/or audio through HDMI or VGA/RCA in our courtrooms. Please see the above section on scheduling testing.

DVD player with Blu-Ray capability 

Each courtroom has a DVD player that has Blu-Ray capability which plays multimedia only (video, audio or photo). Some DVDs may not play depending on the format, the encoding, or the recording condition of the file on the DVD, or if the file was edited on a PC (e.g., *.MPEG, *.WMV, *.AVI, *.JPEG). DVDs that are file formatted for data will not display using the DVD player (e.g., *.TXT, *.DOCX, *XLSX, etc.). To use media that will NOT play using the DVD player, the party must bring their own device that can display using the court's system (e.g., laptop, tablet, etc.).

62" display monitor

Uses of the display monitor:

The party must bring their own device to plug into the HDMI or VGA inputs to display the following media (the display monitor does not have these direct connections):

Scheduling testing of audio-visual equipment prior to a trial or hearing in Lincoln

Anyone who wishes to use the court’s audio-visual equipment for a trial / hearing is strongly encouraged to test their device prior to the scheduled trial / hearing. It is recommended that the testing is completed at least 24 hours in advance of the trial / hearing. Please bring the device that will be used (e.g. laptop, tablet, cell phone, etc.) and the media that will be displayed at the trial / hearing (e.g., exhibits on a DVD, surveillance video, etc.). Please contact Kim Krzycki, Clerk of the Court, by phone at 402-471-6466 or  by email to schedule a testing session.