Courtroom Technology

General information about our audio-visual equipment

The courtrooms in Lincoln and Omaha are equipped with audio-visual equipment, which is available for use during any proceeding. The courtrooms provide the following:

Video Proceedings

The court uses the Google Meet platform for video trials and hearings. NEB. REV. STAT. § 48-177 governs video proceedings. If parties do not agree on a video proceeding, a motion should be filed following general motion procedures. For questions regarding filing a motion, contact the trial judge’s judicial assistant.  

Preparation prior to a video proceeding

Tips for video proceedings

Scheduling testing of audio-visual equipment prior to a trial or hearing in Lincoln

Anyone who wishes to use the court’s audio-visual equipment for a trial / hearing is strongly encouraged to test their device prior to the scheduled trial / hearing. It is recommended that the testing is completed at least 24 hours in advance of the trial / hearing. Please bring the device that will be used (e.g. laptop, tablet, cell phone, etc.) and the media that will be displayed at the trial / hearing (e.g., exhibits on a DVD, surveillance video, etc.). Please contact Kim Krzycki, Clerk of the Court, by phone at 402-471-6466 or  by email to schedule a testing session.