Rule 30: Subsequent Report

Sections 48-144, 48-163, 48-165, R.R.S. 2021.

Effective date: December 18, 2019.

Rule 30(A)

A. In every case in which benefit payments have been made, a subsequent report shall be filed with the court by the employer or its insurer or risk management pool. All such reports shall include cumulative weekly, medical, hospital, vocational rehabilitation, and other benefit payments. A subsequent report must be filed even for cases in which only medical or other non-income benefit payments have been made. For cases in which the employer has continued to pay full salary, any portion of the full salary payment that was intended to apply to workers’ compensation benefits shall be reported.

Rule 30(B)

B. Except as otherwise approved by the administrator of the compensation court, all subsequent reports shall be filed electronically in the form and manner, and to include the content, prescribed by the administrator. In limited circumstances and with approval of the administrator, such reports may be filed by means of a paper form. Such forms are available only upon request to the administrator.

Rule 30(C)

C. No subsequent report shall be deemed filed with the court until the report has been received and accepted by the court.