Rules of Procedure

This page includes links to individual Rules of Procedure, listed by topic. To cross-reference multiple rules on a related topic, right-click on each rule needed and select the "Open link in new tab" option, then click between each tab for more efficient viewing. Select this link to view or download the Rules of Procedure in their entirety (PDF format).

Adjudication: Rules 1 through 25

Schedules of Fees: Rule 26

Coverage: Rules 27 and 28 (Repealed)

Reporting: Rules 29 through 35

Vocational Rehabilitation: Rules 36 through 45

Settlements: Rules 46 through 47

Informal Dispute Resolution: Rule 48

Definitions: Rule 49

Choice of Physician: Rule 50

Managed Care: Rules 51 through 61

Independent Medical Examiners: Rules 62 through 67

Rules and Regulations: Rule 68

Insurance and Self-Insurance: Rules 69 through 76

Rules Addenda