U.S. Bank ReliaCard® Prepaid Debit Card

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The ReliaCard Visa® is a prepaid debit card offered as an option for receiving reimbursement payments electronically. This payment method is a great alternative to paper checks and direct deposit because it is fast, secure, convenient and easy.

Fast and Efficient — You won't have to wait for the mail to arrive and have no risk of lost or stolen checks. Your money is automatically loaded to your card account.

Safe1 and Secure — No need to carry large amounts of cash. Cardholders can get cash back from many participating merchants, over 1 million in-network Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) and any bank or credit union accepting Visa.

Convenient — Accepted everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted, including grocery stores, gas stations and restaurants.

Easy — No existing bank account, no credit approval and no minimum balance is required.

Enjoy the security and convenience of electronic payments. Start using your ReliaCard to pay bills, to purchase items or to withdraw cash (see “Get Started” section, below).

1 You are generally protected from all liability for unauthorized transactions with Zero Liability. You must call the number on the back of your Card immediately to report any unauthorized use. Certain conditions and limitations may apply. See your Cardholder Agreement for details.

Get Started

The State of Nebraska contracts with U.S. Bank to provide the ReliaCard prepaid debit card for you to receive and spend your state-issued payments. The ReliaCard provides a fast, secure, convenient, and efficient payment method. There is NO credit approval, NO existing bank account and NO minimum balance required.

Please note:

Record Keeping

Track your ReliaCard purchases and balances each time you use your card.

Keeping track of your funds is easy to do with a few tools:

Checking your available balance is convenient and available 24/7:

View Telephone and Online Customer Service Contact Information (see “Tools, Links, and Contacts” section, below).

For your security and confidentiality, U.S. Bank does not share card account numbers or transaction details with anyone but you. The State of Nebraska cannot view or track individual cardholder’s purchases or cash withdrawals.


Please refer to the current Reliacard Fee Schedule (see “Tools, Links, and Contacts” section, below).

Frequently Asked Questions

NOTE: In addition to these Frequently Asked Questions, please also refer to U.S. Bank’s  ReliaCard Frequently Asked Questions (see “Tools, Links, and Contacts” section, below).

How do I qualify for the card?

No credit approval or bank account is required. The ReliaCard is the default method of payment.

If the cardholder receives payments from different state agencies or programs (e.g., child support payments, unemployment compensation, and provider payments, etc.) will that cardholder have one card or multiple cards?

Individuals who receive payments from different programs will receive separate ReliaCards for each program. The cards are of similar design, but are in different colors for easy identification.

Why didn’t my card have money on it when it arrived?

When you establish a PIN for your new ReliaCard it may not have money on it yet. Clients are only paid after their reimbursement claim form is approved and entered into the state accounting system. Clients should contact the Nebraska Workers’ Compensation Court with questions about when a payment is generated from their approved claims (see “Tools, Links, and Contacts” section, below).

Are there any fees associated with this card?

See “Fees” section, above.

Tools, Links, and Contacts